Cinder LeDell is committed to composing music, to art and to her private students.  She hears music and rhythms in speech, in addition to sounds of life — cars, birds, voices – all of which become music that she puts down on a page. It is our hope that students will enjoy playing these pieces and continue to grow musically.

To give each composition a simple yet elegant cover, she places a “trademark” image that is a peek into the music, with the picture different for each piece of music. The image of a musical staff is based on one of her paintings.  Click on one of the music pieces and compare the notes on the cover painting to the sample first page of music.  Sometimes the cover notes are on the first page, and sometimes they are of important musical theme elsewhere in the music.  Under the image is information as to which measure you will find the cover notes.

Cinder is a prolific composer.  She has performed her original music for a half hour on WNYC radio, in addition to concerts in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.  Her pieces have been played or sung across the country.

Cinder LeDell by Piano